carbon footprint

How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint?

Find out how big your carbon footprint is, and how you can reduce it. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint Here:   Being aware of how big your carbon footprint is important, and it could highlight a few areas where you can easily reduce it. The carbon footprint calculator takes into account your electricity usage, local…


Recycling For Home And Work

Recycling For Home And Work! It’s just that easy… Continuing with our theme,  we thought we’d make it a little easier for you to start recycling – at home and at the office too.  These little information pages help you in your process,  so you can print it and put it above your station so…

Water Saving Tips

Easy Water Saving Tips

Easy Water Saving Tips So You Can Be Kinder To Your Environment Saving water is a great way to be kinder to your environment. Water is a precious resource not to be wasted, so make the most of what you have. These easy water saving tips make it quite easy, try them out and you’ll…


Greener Shopping

    Make Your Shopping Habits Greener Try adapt a new habit of greener shopping – don’t drive to the supermarket, rather buy online. Many of us are aware of the carbon emissions our cars produce, where even a short drive to the shops down the road can still impact on your environment. Greener shopping…