Good Recycling Habits

The 3 R’s of Recycling!

Some simple ways to improve your good recycling habits even better. Use them wherever, at home or at work! If you don’t have a recycling setup in place, here are some easy tips to try.



We find ourselves getting comfortable with the things we use, even if they are luxury items or not. But sometimes we need to take a step and think about whether we need certain things, and do we really need that much of it? Start off by assessing how much you buy, and see what you can reduce. Bringing your own shopping bags means reducing the use of plastic bags. Buying items in bulk to make fewer trips to the shop. Keep a water bottle handy so you can fill it up at the tap instead of buying bottled water. Little steps go a long way to reducing the use of unnecessary items!



Many items can be used more than once, and we just need to decide which ones. Shopping bags and water bottles are simple and obvious. But things like old cell phones and computers can be fixed up and donated to those who need them to be used and appreciated instead of heading straight for the landfills. Make use of empty plastic bottles and turn them into crafts such as candle holders, plant pots and can even be reused for gifts with a touch of creativity!



Recycling is an easy process that can be turned into a neat system for the whole family to follow. Start off by creating a set of bins to house the various types of waste – paper, plastic, glass and general rubbish. Then, each time you have something to throw away, simply place it in the correct bin. General rubbish can be collected as usual, and you can make a trip once or twice a month to drop off your plastic, paper and glass. Check out Pikitup’s website for information about what you can take to their sites and what you can’t. You can also make your own compost to reduce the amount of food and garden waste that gets thrown away. It’ll also give back to your garden and save you from buying compost.