Wooden Stirring Stick Pack

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Our wooden stirring sticks are high quality manufactured from birch wood. A practical alternative to plastic spoons, these coffee stirrers are convenient, entirely disposable and ideal for hot or cold drinks! Enviromall’s wooden stir sticks is 100% natural and 100% compostable. They are very sturdy and do not easily split or splinter. They are perfect for hot or cold food. The wood is smooth and comfortable in your hand. These disposable dinner utensils are accepted at composting facilities because they are composed of completely organic material: birch wood and nothing else. Only hot water is used to soften, form and sterilize the cutlery. There are no coatings of any kind and this process does not use any chemicals which would slow down the decomposing process as well as pollute our soil, streams, lakes and oceans. Enviromall’s disposable wooden cutlery is made from renewable resources of FSC certified birch wood. Just as trees naturally decompose, so does our compostable wooden forks, spoons and knives. The amount of time mostly depends on where and how they are disposed. With ideal conditions our wood cutlery could completely decompose in about 90 days. When conditions are drier than ideal, it would take much longer. Going green has never been easier.

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Dimensions 22 × 14 × 5 cm

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