Biodegradable Oval Plate

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Our Biodegradable Oval Plate is made from 100% renewable sources (in fact, they’re made from the waste products of other industries), and degrades within 30-90 days.

The Oval Plate is made from Bagasse, the waste sugarcane pulp that remains following the sugar production process, making it a highly renewable resource.

Bagasse is tougher than non-renewable cardboard and foam packaging, has no effect on the flavour of its food contents (a significant improvement against cardboard), and is able to withstand far higher temperatures for longer. Our products are not only biodegradable, but microwaveable and freezer friendly too.

The beauty of our packaging, is that you can dispose of it exactly how you like and the result will still be environmentally friendly. If you would like to, you can put the packaging onto a compost heap or send it to landfill, and within 90 days it will have completely broken down.

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Weight 9.2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 27 × 40 cm

Box of 500, Pack of 50