Source your biodegradable food packaging from Enviromall.
Beautiful. Functional. Gives back to nature.


We’re not kidding. We keep your food fresh, the planet happy, your customers smiling, all the while looking good!


Our packaging is beautiful, safe and robust, but it never hurts the world we live in – during production, use, or post-use.


Our packaging degrades within 30 – 90 days. Made entirely from eco-friendly, organic materials, Enviromall packaging lasts – but not so long as to hurt the natural environment when it’s disposed of!

Newest Products

  • 350ml Biodegradable Double Wall Coffee Cup

    R34.49R757.85 (incl 15% VAT)
  • 250ml Biodegradable Double Wall Coffee Cup

    R31.04R620.77 (incl 15% VAT)
  • Non Biodegradable White Lid Fits 350ml Cup

    R18.40R368.00 (incl 15% VAT)
  • Cornstarch Fork 150mm

    R46.37R414.00 (incl 15% VAT)

Save Water with our Biodegradable Products

  • 250ml Triple Wall Kraft Cup Recyclable

    R31.34R626.75 (incl 15% VAT)
  • 700ml PLA Salad Bowl

    R442.75R1,581.25 (incl 15% VAT)
  • 350ml Biodegradable Double Wall Coffee Cup

    R34.49R757.85 (incl 15% VAT)
  • 500ml Biodegradable Earth Cup

    R45.71R914.25 (incl 15% VAT)

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